Affiliate Marketing

What is 'Affiliate Marketing'?

There are several ways to explain what affiliate marketing is and when trying to find a definition you will come across many variations to describe what it is. I found references such as it being a type of performance-based market which gets rewarded or as a performance-based process that is rewarded by a company when you promote their products. Neither of these are wrong but however, they look at it from just the perspective that's mentioned. So in light of these suggestions they bring to my definition of affiliate marketing as stated below.

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting a product or service and receiving a commission for each sale or connection you make. By promoting or advertising a product or service or even an app or platform in which you connect to and with others and receive some type of reward for your efforts. All rewards are not in the form of money and can be just as valuable as the almighty dollar bill. To be an affiliate marketer one does not have to promote others products. They can simply be promoting their own products or services.


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